Music has been an integral part of my life since I first heard my grandma play the piano. I was six, immediately captivated and took my first piano lessons shortly afterwards. I soon began to understand that music just felt great - and it made others feel great too, so it was a win-win :) After my participation in the TV show "MusicStar" in 2003, studio recordings and gigs came along, which was a very exciting time. And to participate in "The Voice of Switzerland" in 2014 was another highlight! At events I mainly play cover versions, but I write my own songs too from time to time – often on the more reflective side. I love acoustic music – it feels raw and personal, which is why I love playing music at events so much. Live music also allows me to connect with people in a very special way.


Voice + Music Academy

Zurich, 2010-2014

Singers Year in Contemporary Music

Junior Vocal Coach Certificate

Music Conservatory

Zurich, 2000-2003

Piano lessons in classical music

Music School Burkhalter

Wetzikon, 1986-1996

Piano lessons in pop and rock music